EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena

Debbie Caruso sharing her Evp Recordings - Messages from Heaven

"Hmmph - I'll be gone"

What is fun in Heaven? 11/25/05

  "Stupid question"

I want to be - in that - 09/08/05

  "Number"  (excuse my singing!!!)  -  I hear someone finish my verse -

Can you spell my name? Can you spell Debbie 4/24/06

   "D  E  B"

   (Evp only)

Talk really loud in my recorder 1/14/06

   "What I want to do - I wish that we made nice love like people do - I really do"

OK Guys - we're gonna sing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"...............................12/21/05

 "Had a very shiny nose"


Old MacDonald had a farm - 09/01/05

  "aeeio"  (should be eieio - )

Where's that dummy ghost?

  (Who is she - her voice is so clear -  and who is she calling a dummy ghost?)