EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena

Debbie Caruso sharing her Evp Recordings - Messages from Heaven

Joey (When he was much younger) & my Goomie!!

Goomie - There was a drink that I used to make you in the blender - What was it called? 07/25/06

   "Pina Colada"

    (Evp only)

    Reverse ..."I love you Sweetie"

Goomie - Can you tell me what your favorite drink was? 7/24/06

   "Diet Coke"

    (Evp only)

Goomie - It's Debbie - I haven't talked to you in a while 2/27/06

  "How do you feel"?

  (Evp only)

Hi Erland - It's Debbie - Did you meet my Grandma? 1/04/05

  "I did meet your Grandma" 

Hi Goomie - It's Debbie - I want to know it's you - What is your sons name? 1/03/06

    "It's Buddy"

    (Evp only)

Hi Goomie - It's Debbie 1/03/06

   "Hi Debbie and hi Lexy"  She always called my daughter Alexa "Lexy" -

"Little Debbie Ann" 1/03/06

debraann/audio/010306 Little Debbie Ann.mp3">    There was alot of talking on this recording but what I heard the clearest was "Little Debbie Ann" - that's me!!

Goomie - If that's you - tell me what your daughter's name is - 1/03/06

   "Ginger - Debbie Ann - I love you"

Goomie was the only one who called me "Debbie Ann"!

(Forgot to tell you - We call Grandma Goomie!!)

Hi Goomie - It's Debbie - talk really loud in my recorder - 1/03/06

   "Hi Debbie, Joey, Linda, Andrew, Johnny"   Goomie - I would have left the recorder on if I knew you were saying "Hi" to your Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren - I'm sorry I cut you off!!!

Hi Goomie - It's Debbie - I can hear you - Were you able to find my Joey? 1/03/06

  "In Heaven" or "I have him"   (That's what it sounds like to me - if you think she's saying something different - e-mail me