EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena

Debbie Caruso sharing her Evp Recordings - Messages from Heaven

These are EVPs that have been discovered or sent to us since Debra passed on. We will be adding these here to this site as a regular feature!

November 2017: This is a set of EVPs of Debra recording from an experimental "RCA Superradio"that was modified to do EVP work in November and December 2007.       
Recorded November 30, 2007
Debbie: "Hello"
Spirit: "Hello Debra"
Debbie: "Should I make this lower?"
Spirit: "We learn to talk"
Spirit: "So Deb"
Debbie: "Can you hear me?"
Spirit: "Not so crystal"
Debbie: "Okay - We'll try again later - Goodbye"
Spirit: "We'll be here"

Recorded December 2, 2007
Spirit: "Working with Tesla" (Debbie - Tesla?)
Debbie: "Tell me your name?"
Spirit: "Earthling - We're just geeks"
Debbie: "Do you have a message for Dave?"
Spirit: "It's just incredible"
Spirit: "Thanks"
Debbie: "Thank you - I'll talk to you later"

Recorded December 3, 2007
Spirit: "I hear you real clear"

Recorded December 4, 2007
Debbie: "Hi"
Spirit: "Hi"
Debbie: "Can you hear me?"
Spirit: "Yes - Listening"
Debbie: "Does everyone go to Heaven?"
Spirit: "Heaven - Yes - Debbie wants every _____"
Debbie: "Tell me about Tesla"
Spirit: "Yes - I'm in his class"

Recorded December 5, 2007
Spirit: "Debbie - We're all pretty dead" maybe?

Recorded December 5, 2007
In this recording Debbie had said: I just connected the radio directly to my computer and recorded for a minute without speaking.
The EVP that she received was:
Spirit: "We don't leave the message unless you help" maybe??

Recorded December 6, 2007
Spirit: "We think we bridged her"
Spirit: "Yeah - Unless she's dead"
Debbie: "What can I do to help you?"
Spirit: "She wants to help us"
Spirit: "We have confirmation"s

Recorded December 10, 2007
Debbie: "Hello"
Spirit: "Hi Debbie"
Spirit: "Just Debbie"

Recorded December 13, 2007
Debbie: "Can you hear me?"
Spirit: "It's your friends - Hello"
Debbie: "Okay - I'm gonna try Dave's Box again - Here we go"
Spirit: "Want to Deb - It works"
Debbie: "Can both boxes communicate?"
Spirit: "Can you hear me? - Now I can (fn) trust you"
Debbie: "Now - Is this working"
Spirit: "Clear - fantastic"
Debbie: "Okay - talk to you soon - Bye"

Recorded December 15, 2007
I tested out Dave's "SuperBox" again and I used a microphone .. I'm hearing ...
Spirit: "They're in Heaven"
Debbie: "Tell me your names"
Spirit: "Alex and Rob"
Debbie: "How are you able to speak to me?
Spirit: "Vinny"
Spirit: "There's a speaker in the apartment (??)
Spirit: "Won't you visit?"
Debbie: "Who are you working with?"
Spirit: "Tesla - Tesla Debbie"
Debbie: "Tell me names - What are your names?"
Spirit: "Brooks"

Recorded December 17, 2007
Tested out Dave's "SuperBox" and using a mic and my PA system ... I'm hearing ..
Debbie: "Who's here with me?"
Spirit: "Denise"
Spirit: "Her for certain"
Spirit: "Jim Wolf - Frank"
Spirit: "Looking at the first people to give to Deb"
Debbie: "Who are you working with?"
Spirit: "Spirits - Angels - God here"
Debbie: "Thank you - Goodbye"
Spirit: "Bye"
Spirit: "Bye"

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