EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena

Debbie Caruso sharing her Evp Recordings - Messages from Heaven

"Merry Christmas" 11/25/06

   "Merry Christmas"

Happy Thanksgiving 11/21/06

  "Give thanks - Then pray for them"

"Can't come through - I hate the living" 8/9/06 (9/28/06 - corrected -JFA)

Can you talk really loud so I can hear you? 2/08/06

  "Wake up - It's Brian and Nick - I found you"

I need someone to speak really slow and really loud and tell me something - so I know you're here - 2/6/06

  "Yeah - Hey Debbie - I want to die heavenly"  - (Let me know if you think it says something different)

  (Evp only)

Who's here? Talk to me - 2/07/07

Talk really loud in my recorder - 3/21/06

  "Love him from the heart  - Yes I do - You love him - I love him so much"

Talk loud 1/13/06

  "I don't want to dammit"

I can hear you - Talk really loud in my recorder 1/26/06

  "This is Ted - Help me Joseph - Help me leave your home"

  (evp only)

Goomie & Aunt Chickie - say hello to your daughters - 10/12/05

 "Hi - hi to Ginger"  (Ginger is Goomie's daughter - I purposely didn't mention their names to see if they would say them)

Hey Lenny - Say "Hi" to your Mom -

debraann/audio/Hey Lenny say hi to your mom - Hi Mom- I'm here louder.mp3">    "Hi Mom - knock knock - I'm here