EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena

Debbie Caruso sharing her Evp Recordings - Messages from Heaven

Megan - How are you? It's Joey - 4/25/06

Hi Joey - It's Mommy - I need to know that there's more to life than we know - I heard you all spell - Can you spell Joey? 4/25/06

   "J  O  E  Y - I love you Mommy - Joey"

   (Evp only)

Hi Joey - It's Mommy - I want to wish you and everyone in Heaven a Happy Easter - 4/14/06

   "Happy Easter Debbie - Debbie - Sugar"  (Joey always called me "Sugar" and of course I used to yell!)

   (Evp only)

Joey - It's Mommy - Can you tell me more about Heaven? 3/08/06

   "We love being here in Heaven"

   (Evp only)

Joey - It's Mommy - I love you - 3/4/06

  "I love you - Ma"

   (Evp only)

Joey - talk to me 2/21/06

  "Hello - I can talk - Hey Mommy - I love you"

Joey - It's Mommy 2/14/06

  "We're okay - We hear you - Mommy"

  (Evp only)

Hi Joey - It's Mommy - I love you - Happy Valentines Day 2/14/06

  "Thank you - tell everyone we love your voice"

  (Evp only)

Hi Joey - It's Mommy - Talk to me - Where are you? 2/11/06

  "Mommy I'm dead - I'm in Heaven"

  (Evp only)

Joey - I love you 2/04/06

  "I love you so much"  

If anyone's here - Can you tell me your name 09/22/05

  "Good - I can talk - It's Joseph"

  (Evp only)

Is it hard for you to talk to me? 1/17/06

  "It's hard - It's hard for me to stay in touch with you - Ma"

"We're living - we're all together - Ma - among the living" 1/12/06

Is anyone here? - Talk to me 1/15/06

  "Ma - can you hear me?"