EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena

Debbie Caruso sharing her Evp Recordings - Messages from Heaven

Conversation 7/18/06


 Debbie -   "Can you hear me?"

 Spirit    -   " Hi Debbie"

 Debbie -  "Can you hear me?"

Spirit    -    "I hear you ......Let ....

Conversation 10/11/06

Spirit      "Mommy"

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit      "Hello"

Debbie   "Hello"

Spirit      "Ma - I love you - It's Joey

Debbie   "I know you're here - Can you tell me your name? How many people are here?

Spirit      "Joey - one -two"

Conversation 9/28/06

Debbie   "Hold on"

Spirit      "Turn off the light" 

Debbie   "Can you hear me?"

Spirit       "We talk a lot like you" 

Conversation 9/7/06

Spirit        "Hi"

Debbie     "Hi - I'm trying out a new method - I want to see if it's gonna work"

Spirit         "It's working"

Debbie      "Is anyone here from the Big Circle?"

Spirit         "Yea - It's _______"

Conversation 8/17/06

Spirit 1      "It's been touched"

Spirit  2     "Come one"

Debbie     "Hello - Can you hear me?"

Spirit  1     "Hello"

Spirit 2      "Hi"



Conversation 7/24/06

Debbie   "Try to talk really deep so I can hear you'

Spirit      "Hi"

Debbie   "Is anyone here - Tell me your name"

Spirits    "David - Mark Levinson - Michael - Ann Petito"