EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena

Debbie Caruso sharing her Evp Recordings - Messages from Heaven

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Is anyone here from the Big Circle? 11/2/06

  "It's Erland Babcock"

"Debbie - It's Erland - Hello 4/25/06

Erland Babcock - can you give me a message - 11/11/05

   "This is Erland Babcock" 

Hey Erland - It's Debbie - Happy Birthday 2/20/06

  "Thank you Deb - I'm around you"

  (Evp only)

Hi Erland - It's Debbie - I want to do ITC - Are you gonna to be able to help me? 2/01/06

  "I love you - I can help - help you"

   (Evp only)

Hi Erland - It's Debbie - What do you miss from being in the physical? 2/21/06


  (Evp only)

Hi Erland - It's Debbie - I just want to take a minute to tell you that you are totally amazing and you're doing such an awesome job - I love speaking to you 1/07/06

  "Thank you Deb"

  "Thank you Deb" (without me speaking)

Hey Erland - It's Debbie - Can you say your name again for me so I know it's you? 1/19/06

  "Hear the world (word) Babcock"

Hi Erland - It's Debbie 12/27/05

  "I love you - I love you Deb - Look up"

Hi Erland - It's Debbie 11/28/05

   "Hi - thank you Debbie - Debbie - I only can talk to certain people"

Erland Babcock - Who are you with? 11/21/05

   "I'm with my Mom and Joey"

Erland Babcock - Is there any message I can give to your family? 11/12/05

   "Tell them I'm here"

Erland Babcock - I want to make sure it's you - Can you tell me your son's name? 11/16/05


Erland Babcock - Where are you? 11/12/05

  "Here in Heaven"

Erland Babcock - 11/12/05

  "Nothing Debbie"

Erland Babcock - Were you able to find my Joey - 11/15/05

  "Joey is incredible - Hi Ma - He is right here - Here by my side"

Erland Babcock - I don't think they believe it's you - what would - tell me something that would make them believe it's you? 11/12/05

  "I can make them believe it's me by making the phone beep - there's more talking after that - I will post it -

I'm not hearing you speak too well - so I will try again later - 11/14/05

  "Get a microphone - go get it now"