EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena

Debbie Caruso sharing her Evp Recordings - Messages from Heaven

"Listen to this for me" 09/28/05


Hi Joey - It's Mommy - Can you give me a message? 12/19/05

  "Yea - begin - begin right here - I need to tell you something - I love Lexa"

Joey - Is Heaven beautiful? 10/26/05

  "It's a new place filled with love"

Hi Joey - It's Mommy - 11/23/05

   "I'm having a good time - I like it here"

Joey - I can hear you - Can you tell me who you're with?

  "I'm on the Earth with Erland & Drew"

Do you want to say "Hi" to any of your friends? 10/07/05

  "I wanted to - Hi Eddie, Andrew, Kate"

(Eddie & Andrew were two of his best friends and Kate was his girlfriend)

Is there anyone else you want to say "Hi" to? 10/07/05

  "Dom - Alexa - Kate"

(Dom is another one of his very best friends, Alexa is his sister, and Kate was his girlfriend)

Joey - I heard you say "Hi" to Eddie, Andrew, Kate, Alexa & Dom - 10/31/05

   "Let them come sleep home - downstairs"

"Mom, I'm good" 10/07/05

Do you like it better on Earth or in Heaven? 12/09/05

  "I like it Mom - you're on two worlds"

Did you put the lights on in the car? 09/24/05

   "Did it - I put them"   (My daughter and her friend know nothing about the paranormal - They came to me concerned because they were in their friends car talking about a dream they had of  Joey - The lights in the car went on every time they mentioned his name - Of course I had to ask Joey if that was him putting on the lights -

Joey - can you talk to me? Tell me who's with you - 11/20/05

debraann/audio/112005 Ed and Erland.mp3">   "Ed & Erland"

Hi Joey - Are you here? 10/17/05

  "I can't explain it - I'm dead"

Goomie & Joey - talk to me - 10/10/05

  "Goomie loved me better than you"

Is it okay for you to talk to me? - 10/10/05


Where is Goomie & Aunt Chickie? 10/12/05


Joey - you said that Heaven is permanent - Is everyone with you? 10/28/05

  "Yes - Mommy I love you"

"It's Joseph" 11/10/05

   Caller ID said "Out of Area" (It's Thursday - I never set the days on the answering machine)

When you die - where do you go? 11/09/05

   "Mom -  up in Heaven"